Definition of Antonyms and Synonyms and the Differences

In the matter of Indonesian subjects, questions are often found regarding antonyms and synonyms of words. Antonyms and synonyms of words become one of the mandatory materials that are always discussed by Indonesian language teachers. The material about antonyms and synonyms is included in the meaning relation. Meaning relations are …

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Definition of figure of speech: Functions, Kinds, and Examples

Who doesn’t know about figurative language? Perhaps the notion of figure of speech and its kinds is more familiar among students. Because, they are still getting lessons and assignments to write poetry using figure of speech. However, did you know that we often find the use of figure of speech …

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Proverbs: Definition, Types, Characteristics, and Examples

You must have heard the phrase “a peg is bigger than a pillar” right? This sentence is a proverb that we often hear in Indonesia, especially in Indonesian subjects. Let’s look at some examples and the intricacies of the word collection below. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, …

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